Youtube marketing

When it comes to developing content and placing your business right into the spotlight, YouTube should be one of the largest pieces of your marketing plan. Why is that? Well that will be the focus of this article. To equip you with the tools and information that YouTube has to allow you to succeed in […]

Tips for Advertising Your Business

Advertising tips come in all shapes and sizes and from multiple types of gurus. Everyone talks about their way of marketing and how it should be done. The truth of the matter is the mechanics of advertising are very much the same, it’s the implementation and development of content that makes all of the difference. […]

transparency in advertising

Transparency means to be an open book, to open and not hiding. Why transparency is key in advertising is it adds a level of authenticity, a level of understanding and most of all a level of trust for you. If you are unwilling to be open and confront and communicate what you need to, it is more […]

Grant Cardone

We have a lot going on in life, there are multiple things we have to deal with and confront there are definitely times that you can have a loss for words in content creation. In content creation I am of course referring to organic content and paid advertising content. The truth of the matter is […]

Persistence in Advertising

When it comes to the game of advertising persistence is required. Why? Because at times it may feel like it does not work, at times you may not be seeing the results you expect. When this happens rely on persistence. No one got to 1,000,000 followers over night. Some of the most famous people still […]

Tips for Network Marketers

I had a very interesting call on a deal I am currently working for network marketing. What came across the discussion table was regarding tips for network marketers in advertising. We talked for a good 45 minutes about this how best to promote, how best to highlight top producers, ways to get creative and keep […]

What Should You Show the Public When You Build Your Brand

What Should You Show the Public When you build your brand? I should really title this how to always know what to say and what to do but this will do the trick. The point of the matter I see many times people get up on camera or a live feed, or try to create […]